Sunrise Portland specializes in Outdoor Bootcamps and Personal Training in Portland, Maine and is owned and operated by Certified Personal Trainer, Tricia Rose. As a lover of outdoor sports, Tricia was determined to find a way to bring the gym outside and in the summer of 2016 the Eastern Prom Bootcamp was founded. At bootcamp participants can use many of the same workout tools they would use in a traditional gym while enjoying the fresh air and stunning views of the sun coming up over Portland Harbor. Whether it’s during bootcamp or a personal training session, Tricia seeks to push you to the edge of your personal comfort zone in an encouraging environment.

Tricia is an endurance athlete who has many years of training and racing experience in running, cycling, nordic skiing, swimming, and triathlon. When she’s not training or teaching fitness classes, Tricia enjoys cooking and baking, visiting local coffee shops, spending time outdoors whether it’s the beach or in the mountains, and going on adventures (big and small) with her husband, Angus.